Western Rail Plan

Only a re-elected Andrews Labor Government will overhaul our rail network to deliver fast rail to the regions and more metro services to our growing suburbs.

We said we’d repair the damage from successive Liberal Governments taking the axe to regional rail, and we are. We’re building new modern trains, and our Regional Rail Revival is fixing the unreliability on our regional lines, and providing the more frequent services people deserve.

But the growth of Melbourne’s western suburbs, and the popularity of Geelong and Ballarat as commuter hubs, means our network needs more than just an upgrade: it needs re-drawing.


The new Western Rail Plan includes planning for the full separation of regional and metro services on the Geelong and Ballarat lines – the first step in delivering fast rail to these cities – meaning fewer stops, faster trips and less crowded trains. Labor will complete the full business case and technical work required to deliver:

  • Two new electrified metro lines to Melton and Wyndham Vale with possible new stations, with the Wyndham Vale line potentially becoming the western section of the Suburban Rail Loop.

  • Additional tracks between Sunshine and the CBD to run extra services, most likely through a new rail tunnel which would also be utilised by Airport-bound trains and integrated with the Airport Rail Link.

  • A major overhaul to the express-Geelong and Ballarat lines to run fast trains, including the potential full electrification of these lines with new electric regional rolling stock.