Saving with solar

Jeff Kennett and the Liberals privatised electricity and now corporations are price gouging.

Only Labor will stand up for families against big corporations.

A re-elected Andrews Labor Government will put the power back in the hands of Victorian households with half price solar panels at no up-front cost for 650,000 homes.

This will save Victorians more than $500 million a year on their power bills once the program is complete.

That’s money better off in your pocket, rather than in a CEO’s salary.


  • We'll cover half the cost of a solar panel system – and you'll be able to pay the rest back over four years with an interest-free loan

  • That's a saving of up to $2,225 on an average 4kW solar system, and up to $890 a year on your electricity bills

  • If your home isn't suitable for rooftop solar, you can replace your old hot water system with a new solar system – and we'll provide a $1,000 rebate

  • Solar panel systems will only be installed by accredited installers using approved products – and we'll support the accreditation of 4,500 electricians to ensure the highest safety standards



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