Cranbourne line duplication

People in Melbourne’s south-east will have more trains, more often under a re-elected Andrews Labor Government.

Labor will duplicate eight kilometres of single track from Dandenong to Cranbourne to allow trains every ten minutes during peak times.

On top of the $750 million Cranbourne Duplication Project, Labor will also begin planning for a new rail link to Clyde – the vital first step towards delivering train services to this growing area.


  • A re-elected Labor Government will duplicate the eight kilometres of track between Cranbourne and Dandenong to remove the bottlenecks that cause delays.

  • We will also remove the last of the level crossings on the Cranbourne line – making it level crossing free.

  • This will allow the number of train services to be doubled during peak times, delivering trains every ten minutes at Lynbrook, Merinda Park and Cranbourne stations.

  • Tracks will also be upgraded around Caulfield station, where the Frankston line splits off from the Cranbourne-Pakenham line, and around Dandenong station where the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines separate.

  • Detailed planning and procurement will start next year, with construction to start in 2021 and finish by 2023.

  • The $750 million project will create more than 1,000 new jobs.


Only a re-elected Labor Government will remove the last four of the 15 level crossings on the Cranbourne line – making it Victoria’s first level crossing-free rail line.

The four extra level crossings set for the history books are Webster Street in Dandenong, Greens Road in Dandenong South, Evans Road in Lyndhurst, and Camms Road in Cranbourne – which combined leave almost 40,000 vehicles stuck at the boom gates each day.

Only Labor has the track record to get rid of every level crossing on the Cranbourne line for good.


The Cranbourne line must be duplicated before a new rail link can be built.

The Liberals’ under-funded promise to build a Clyde rail link without duplicating the Cranbourne line simply means more congestion, delays and cancellations for passengers on the Cranbourne line because the bottlenecks will still be there, and no extra services can be added.

A re-elected Labor Government will deliver a properly costed plan for a rail link to Clyde, with an additional $7 million for vital planning work.

This will make sure locals get a real project with real costings – something only Labor will deliver.


We said we’d deliver better train services for passengers in Melbourne’s south east – and we have.

Eleven dangerous and congested level crossings are gone for good. Power and signalling has been upgraded along the Cranbourne line. And work has started on the Metro Tunnel, which the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines will connect to in 2025, allowing more trains to run, more often.

But there is more to do – and only Labor will deliver it.